Welcome to Traveling-Freelancer – your Virtual Personal Assistant who can help you, no matter where you are in the world. In our new age of technology, the internet makes it possible to communicate with anyone, anywhere, at anytime.   You can use this to help your work-life balance – by moving your business into a virtual world.

Here is how Traveling-Freelancer can help your business:


We Help Your Business Reduce Cost

When comparing to a traditional Administrative Assistant’s salary, a Virtual Assistant is the more cost effective option for your business.  Traveling-Freelancer’s services are on a “per project” basis and your business will be able to save money by not having to hire additional part-time staff. Our clients only pay for the work performed with no extra expenses such as benefit packages, internet bandwidth, power or rent. The estimated savings that hiring a virtual assistant can provide to your business is of about 40% in business expenses. A VA can also help your business research suppliers and suggest more cost-effective alternatives, allowing you to be more informed when making purchasing decisions. Traveling-Freelancer’s virtual services offers you all this, saving you time and money.


We Offer Flexibility

Traveling-Freelancer will not only keep your incremental cost low, we can also keep your business flexible. VA’s do not have a set schedule, in other words, you can have skilled expertise working for your business whenever you need the work done. You can also save time by not having to do training, because virtual assistants already have the skills and specialized knowledge to complete the projects assigned. Traveling-Freelancer offers a project base service which means that we only get paid for the time worked on the completion of your project. Due to our contractual nature of service, we offer flexibility in the time period that we are hired for and if you believe that the VA is not complying with your business productivity, you can easily replace or end the contract with Traveling-Freelancer.


We Organize Your Business

If the organization of a business is not designed properly then management will be rendered difficult and ineffective. Poor organization leads to waste motion and expensive overlap in work. Sound organization allows business growth. Traveling-Freelancer can take on those every day administrative tasks that are time consuming but essential for your business to operate efficiently. A VA has the time and experience to help you organize your business, to save you time in dealing with potential customers, and manage and organize inquiries. Pre-filtering and prioritizing inquiries, will help your business see improved results in responding to and following up on sales leads. With a tailored reminder service, a VA can respond to meeting requests as well as keep you informed of upcoming events. You will save time and be more organized as you plan ahead. A VA can find the best frameworks for a system that will increase productivity while keeping your business running smoothly.


We Strive to Provide Quality Service

Traveling-Freelancer’s reputation and business success depends on how satisfied our clients are with our business, as such we always strive to provide only quality service.  Our VA’s are proficient in English and grammar and will maintain high standards in producing outgoing written material. No need to worry about inferior workmanship and the extra expense of redoing a project.  Traveling-Freelancer offers experience, reliability good communication skills, good time management with your project, and resourcefulness. Professionalism is the most important aspect in Traveling-Freelancer, we are dedicated to follow through until the end with quick response time to any questions of inquiries that you have. Your business is our business.