How can a Virtual Assistant help your business?

Virtual Assistant Services are often a foreign concept in today’s market, but its potential and benefits are helping it increase in market consciousness.

The main question is this: “How can a Virtual Assistant help my business grow? and is it trustworthy?”

The answer to those questions depends on how much time and money you are able to spend. There are several steps that an entrepreneur must take in the start-up phase of their business. Once an entrepreneur has gone through this set-up stage of his/her startup, the next exciting challenge is asking the question: “What can I do to grow my business?”

Moving into the business development stage of your start-up business can be a difficult challenge, with the potential being a rewarding one.  This phase also has the potential of evolving into different goals and objectives, and learning how to overcome the risks that arise. This phase can be considered to be a completely different aspect of the start-up creation, in which an entrepreneur may not yet have the financial capacity to invest in big risks. During this stage, the entrepreneur should take strategic and calculated approaches.

This phase of a start-up is where Virtual Assistants Services can come into play.  Virtual Assistants are a way to save both time and money, while having the skilled expertise that is vital to energizing your start-up. The integrations of virtual assistants into your business plan can create various advantages for your start-up.

1. Reduction of Business Costs

Businesses are gradually hiring more virtual assistants, with the aim of reducing their overall business costs.  When comparing a typical administrative assistant’s salary to that virtual assistant, it is easy to see which is the more cost-effective option. Business owners are not required to pay benefits for virtual assistants, as with the hiring of a regular full-time employee. For the limited budgets of start-ups, and the value of every penny invested, virtual assistants can be the best fit.

Virtual Assistants, in most cases, are sole-proprietors of their own businesses, and they become responsible for covering their own benefits package, and also the costs of operations. As a result, businesses can realign their budget to increase in savings or potential investment in a different aspect of their start up. A start up will also not have the necessity of to allocate funds towards internet bandwidth, power, or rent. The estimated savings that hiring a virtual assistant can provide to your business is of about 40% in business expenses.

Imagine being able to relocate these savings to other aspects of your business!

2. VA’s Offer Flexibility

Virtual Assistants will not only keep your incremental costs lower, but they can keep your business flexible. VA’s don’t have a set schedule, and can work for your business outside of normal hours.  You can also spend less time training,  because virtual assistants already have skilled expertise to accomplish the job. VA’s have no minimum hour commitments, and are only paid for the hours they work.

Due to the contractual nature of virtual assistance services, they can easily be replaced if you believe the VA is not complying with your business productivity. When scaling up your business, working with a virtual assistant service can be your best option. Virtual Assistant personnel have been selected for experience and skills they already have high-level competency with,  and based upon reviews from past and current employers. VA’s allow you to use these highly skilled professionals around your schedule, to provide you service whenever you need it. Think of them as your ‘on-call’ go-to person. No need to hire part time employees and hope you have enough work to keep them busy for the hours they work.

3. Organization for Your Business

Virtual assistants take on those every day administrative tasks that are time consuming, but nonetheless essential for your business to operate efficiently.  tasks you, as the visionary working on making their dream into a reality,  may not have time for, as you work on other aspects of your business, and have to juggle wearing all the others hats of business production: sales and marketing manager, CEO, strategic planner, etc. A weakness that entrepreneurs often have is the lack of time to maintain organization of their business.  Lack of organizational skills can reduce productivity in an office environment. Fortunately, a VA has the experience and time to help you organize your business by finding the best frameworks for a system that will increase productivity while keeping your business organized and running smoothly. If you are not tech-savvy, a virtual assistant can set up a virtual workplace where everything from project management and file-sharing, to time-keeping and communication can be accomplished. A virtual workplace makes it easier for delegation of work, track performance, and communication with employees and virtual team members.

4. VA’s Strive to Provide Quality Service

Since their reputation and business success depends on how well they please their clients, virtual assistants strive constantly to provide only quality service. At times, these assistants may perform at a higher level than your full-time employees do for the company. Over the years, as the need to streamline costs has grown, and the Internet has increased its significance in the global business environment, the virtual assistance industry has likewise undergone a transformation. You can now find virtual assistants for the following specialized skills:

  • Website design and development
  • SEO
  • Content management services
  • Digital marketing
  • Blogging
  • Software development
  • Medical, legal and audio Transcription
  • Translation services
  • Inventory management
  • Data protection and security
  • Market research

VA’s have a vested interest in the success of your business, so client confidentiality is paramount and they will treat your business as their own. It also shows the many possibilities for building a team of virtual assistants to cover different areas of your business.

May 30, 2017

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