About Us

Image result for about us background images for websiteTraveling-Freelancer’s founder haven lived in the United States, Asia, New Zealand, and now South America, acquired a broad understanding of cultural inclusiveness, commitment and diversity of work ethics. This is what inspired her to start-up a company where she can offer her experience in office administration, servicing businesses and individuals remotely to help companies save time and money. That is why we at Traveling Freelancer aim to offer high-quality work and high skilled virtual assistant services.

A virtual assistant’s (VA) job offers accountability,  actively working on your tasks the minute that Traveling-Freelancer is clocked in. Imagine that type of efficiency to assist your business!

Virtual Assistants assist business owners with various tasks, via remote communication over the internet. This work could be anything from simple administrative tasks like data entry to more skilled, complex services like video production. Traveling-Freelancer is there to assist you when you need it, not wasting your money or time when you don’t. Pay for time worked and not for hours spent on social media like in traditional office environments.
Essentially, any task your business does not have the time for, or simply doesn’t want to do — and are willing to pay to outsource it — can be completed by Traveling-Freelancer.