A very warm welcome to my blog


Yes, I do my love wine =)

I am very excited to start this blogging journey with you all.

Hi Y’all! My name is Sharon Medina. I’m 27 years old, happily married to Felipe Cornejo my perpetual travel partner. My goal for this site is to be a storyteller, share with you my stories of life and traveling adventures, and help you discover the meaning behind traveling and success in life.

“The secret of happiness is positive expectations”

There are many travel bloggers out there that describe traveling as this unreachable thing in life that requires a lot of savings but I will help free you from all of those expectations that you have created in your mind and talk about how to enjoy life how it is and not how people tell you it should be.

Fun Facts About Me:

  • When I was in high school I played the trombone (even though it was bigger than me =)! )
  • I love to dance Salsa, Merengue, Bachata, You name it! If you see me, its probably dancing like a maniac in some dance floor
  • My husband and I fell in love through long distance Whatsapp messaging. (Yea it is possible to find love online)
  • I love staying up late watching GOT or other series with my husband. I am definitely more productive at night than in the morning. (Night Owl 100%)
  • I am very detail oriented due to my artistic nature.
  • I love to paint as a hobby and often love doing DIY projects at home
  • I enjoy a lot more living abroad rather than being a tourist abroad

I’m guessing that just like me, you’re looking for the adventure of you lifetime or dreamed of traveling since you were a child but you are not sure if you can afford it or how hard it will be once you leave you comfort zone. Where will you go? What will you do?

You want to finally have that chance to get to know yourself better, and reach places that nobody else has reached. You want to start a journey with your backpack on your back or take your luggage out of the closet and free yourself from that 9 to 5 job that keeps holding you back or maybe you just want to sit and relax at the beach during your vacation from work.

I have had that frustration before and I completely understand the situation you are in. I am here to help you and provide council and the support you need to have that vacation you always dreamed of.


At a vineyard in Colchagua valley in Chile

I am not a robot. Get to know me.

I am a 27 year old woman from Houston, Texas who has had the opportunity to travel throughout different countries accomplishing goals that I have set in life.

I began my travel journey since 2013. I have traveled non-stop since. Yes, I have gone back home over the years I have been away for holidays but I have yet to fully return home.

No, I am not rich whatsoever and I do not have tons of savings but here I am still on the road, a freelancer in Chile.

I was the little otaku girl (anime lover) who always dreamed of traveling the world and constantly told her parents that someday I was going to go to Japan and live there. Although, I never lived in Japan I did accomplish my dream of going there and seeing the sakura trees (cherry blossoms) for my 25th birthday.

I used to loved to draw my friends and family as anime characters and hoped that one day I would have a career as an anime artist.  I would fill pages of notebooks with all kinds of drawings of fictional and nonfictional places I would like to see someday. I was definitely the student who had scribbles and little characters surrounding my class notes. I was an adventurer and I had (still have) an extrovert personality that just indulged me in meeting people.

This is the anime version of my friend Bernise.

This is the anime version of my friend Bernise

Sad to say somewhere down the line I was told that I would not get anywhere in life if I continued with this career path. So, I changed my path and began my studies in political science and started a stable job in office administration which I soon hated. I felt like a bird caged in by the walls of my office and bored out of my mind doing the daily monotonous route home to university, university home.

One day I had enough and applied to an all English-taught masters program in Taipei, Taiwan, not knowing whether I was going to be accepted or not , I bought my one way plane ticket, quit my job, packed my things and was ready to take on this new challenge. Luckily, just a few days before my departure I got an acceptance letter and a full scholarship award to complete a 3 year masters program in International Studies specialized in Asian Pacific Studies.

Ever since, I’ve bathed elephants and bottle fed baby tigers in Thailand, experienced the Hanami festival in Japan, been invited to multiple events by locals in (Taiwan, Cambodia, and many more places), became a Buddhist nun for 15 days in the Yuanlin temple in Taiwan, visited the Sydney Opera House in Australia, fed baby sea lions in New Zealand and drank great wine in several vineyards of Chile.

My studies in Taiwan led me to do research about their aboriginal tribes which also took me to the beautiful towns in which they lived. Talking to them and learning from them gave me a whole new perspective on how to understand people by becoming a local.  The local culture of these countries surpass all the tourist guides that everyone does, You become immersed in a whole different world that no tourist would ever get to see, do or understand.

I can help you get to those places, open you up to unforgettable experiences.