Meet The Traveling-Freelancer Team

Sharon P MedinaFounder

Since 2007 Sharon Medina has provided administrative support to non-profits, small businesses and fortune 500 companies. Ms. Medina began her career in Administration with an internship in Exxon Mobil ‘s Houston branch at age 17. Ms. Medina is a graduate of University of St. Thomas where she received her Bachelor’s Degree in International Studies and later received her M.A. in Asia Pacific Studies with a concentration in Socio-Cultural Studies from National Chengchi University in Taipei,Taiwan.

Prior to starting Traveling-Freelancer Ms. Medina held responsibilities as a Senior Executive Assistant for ParAvion Ltd’s president Janine K. Iannarelli, Executive Assistant for the VP of Operations, Michael Nuss at Ensign Energy, Marketing Assistant directly under President Stanley Harris in Mint-Ventures International and later Public Relations Manager at M Taipei Events and Productions. She also worked with several non-profits such as, the Ian Somerhalder Foundation in the Social Media team, College Advisory team and Campaign Committee, researching, creating, and implementing content for the ISF College Program blog and promoting ISF College on social media platforms.

She founded Traveling-Freelancer as a company recognized for helping large and small organizations with Project Development, Office Administration and Management. Ms. Medina offers her costumers over 7 years experience with corporate, academic and non-profit organizations where she was instrumental in the development, administration and organization of policies that focused on increasing productivity and environmental awareness in the office. She believes that we are revolutionizing into a time where virtual services are becoming essential, not only in reducing costs for businesses but also as a form of environmental action and awareness.

In addition to VA services, Ms. Medina hopes to grow Traveling-Freelancer to include complementary divisions in Social Media, Internet Marketing, Website Design and Development, and Non Profit Association Management. Through working with both local as well as international clients, she has the goal of becoming an expert in environmental cautious outsourcing projects in order to maximize skilled expertise and profits.

During her time off Ms. Medina can be found indulging in art, and photography, working off her stress dancing , traveling with her life-long partner Felipe Cornejo, volunteering in local organizations and spending time with her family in the park or outdoors.


Felipe Cornejo is the Co-Founder of Traveling-Freelancer and is responsible for all of Traveling-Freelancer’s international business operations and financial analysis. Mr. Cornejo has been involved in business growth and the development across international markets for over 5 years. He has been successful in developing and executing expansion strategies for businesses across multiple overseas territories.

Prior to joining Traveling-Freelancer, Mr. Cornejo worked for several leading multi-national companies, including Tesco, Decofrut and Johnson Fruit. Mr. Cornejo was born in Chile where he received his dual Bachelor of International Business Administration and International Commerce from Universidad de Valparaiso and later his second Bachelor’s degree in Science of Management from Groupe Sup de Co Montpellier Business School in France.

During his time off Mr. Cornejo enjoys playing soccer, going on a hike, cycling, traveling with his partner Sharon Medina and barbecuing outdoors with his family.

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